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I Want to be a Producer

Part of: Hollywood

Breakfast: Banana Nutri Grain Muffin Bar

I was sitting in my friend’s office today wearing my baby-T from the musical, “The Producers.” On the front it says, “I Wanna Be a Producer.” This guy Paul showed up while my friend was away and asked, “What kind of producer do you want to be?”

Now, I’m always surprised at how few people actually get the shirt. “Well, I don’t want to be a producer, that’s the point,” I said truthfully.

I swivelled in my Aeron chair. Normally I’d add that I was a writer and that’s why it was funny, but I was tired. And it’s not entirely true that I don’t want to be a producer. I would want to be one of the producers if something I’d written was produced. Paul and I chitchatted about some random stuff like tennis, and then he left.

My friend came back. “You’ve met Paul Sorvino before, right?”


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