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Part of: Gossip , Jessica Simpson

[Breakfast: a green tea latte]

OK, we've all seen the zillion of tabloid magazine covers with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. I've even wondered what the reality of their reality is, even though I shouldn't care. But they did do multiple seasons of The Newlyweds, so they should expect media scrutiny. Why would any famous person want to do a show where their first year of marriage is filmed 24/7 in the first place? For more fame, duh! But I find it hard to believe that a couple truly in love would agree to that. Famous married people already have the cards stacked against them because they are usually away from each other a lot and are often around highly attractive people. Perhaps Jess and Nick wanted to get over each other quickly so that they could get on with their careers. Whatever. All I know for sure, is that when people are told a secret and told not to tell anyone else, they have to tell at least two other people. A high-level industry executive gave me the heads-up yesterday that Nick and Jessica have allegedly broken up, this time for real, due to Jess's frolicking with Johnny Knoxville. Hmm...


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