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Red Hot Chile Yuppie

Part of: Gossip , LA

I saw Flea driving a new black Range Rover yesterday. I was disappointed because I consider the Range Rover to be a nerdy yuppie car. These nerds usually start out with a Saab as their trainer cars. I thought Flea was into yoga and Buddha? I thought he'd have a cool classic car or a Hybrid. Come on Flea-you are too hip for a Range Rover. I've seen Harrison Ford and Calista jetting around town in a black Mercedes SLK, which is believable. I'm sure that Kobe has a few cars. He stopped next to me in his black Ferrari one day. Isn't basketball player synonymous with Ferrari and SUV? Taye Diggs drives a classy but unpretentious black Lexus. I love that he doesn't drive an SUV. Taye, I'd blow you a cyber kiss, but I don't want for your wife to get upset. I have respect. But Flea, man, what has happened to you? I think I'd have more respect if you had one of those fugly Elements. (Why do most people buy them in grey?) Flea, at least you could wash the seats after a day of surfing.


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