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Sex and Politics

Part of: Politics

From The Sex Life Of Political Candidates

Kevin Roderick writes on "Now that the 1977 Oui story has been revived, there's a lot of commentary, mostly from Arnold friendlies, that a candidate's wild past sex life and drug use has become irrelevant. I hope so, but call me skeptical it would hold true for a future candidate who isn't also a movie star with a good chance to return a certain party to power. [And male.] If the Democrats are smart, they'll get as many Republicans as possible on the record saying that times have changed and it's now off-limits to delve into a candidate's past of orgies, being serviced by groupies and pot smoking."

Luke says: "There will never be a time when a political candidate's past sex life and drug use is of no interest to the general public, and hence the media. How much interest will depend on the mores of the times, the personality of the candidate and his values.

Arnold never claims continence or other conservative values. Because conservatives hold to higher standards in personal behavior, they will always be more vulnerable to attack. It's hard for a liberal to be attacked as a hypocrite for his personal sexual behavior because modern day liberalism holds to few if any standards in this area outside of legality."

Tiffany speaks: I disagree that conservatives 'hold to higher standards in personal behavior..'This is a nice stereotype that some conservatives no doubtfully cling to like a child's security blanket. That's like saying people who practice organized religion are more ethical and moral than people who don't. No doubt some conservatives find it kinky to appear one way in public, yet in private have orgies, sex with prostitutes and cocaine binges (for example). I know some famous conservatives guilty of such hedonism, but decline to name names. There are also rapists and serial murderers who were and are conservatives. I thought in America we were a melting pot? Conservatives, liberals, moderates, libertarians, etc. are all human beings subject to the same fallacies.


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