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Better Than Sex?

Part of: Food , LA

I’m tired of politics, so I’ll talk about food. I am craving almond M&M’s right now. They really are the perfect texture. I guess they seem classier than peanut M&M’s and more exciting than the regular ones. I also like the texture of the peanut butter M&M’s, but they are too salty.

Over the weekend, I was pondering why I haven’t had chocolate mousse in years. My last few dessert experiences out haven’t been so great. Last week I went to a Mexican restaurant, Casa Antigua, in Santa Monica. I ordered the rice pudding and it was gross. How hard is it to make decent rice pudding? It was mostly liquid with cinnamon. I never knew someone could mess it up. Yes, I sent it back. I also shared the caramel crepes (not sent back) with a date there a few months ago. Those weren’t good either. I guess I won’t be trying the coconut flan there anytime soon.

I used to be mildly obsessed with finding the perfect tiramisu. I somehow kicked this obsession— go figure. I’ve decided that chocolate soufflé is overrated. I’m “in like” with the idea of chocolate soufflé and the ardent bake-to-order process. I will try it again at Le Marmitron (a French restaurant on the Westside of Los Angeles) before I decide on my final answer.

I love a good crème brulee (even though my stomach distends greatly after eating it). What could be more decadent? I don’t remember the last time I had it. I do remember it being particular good at I Cugini years ago. A guy from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” was allowed to make it to impress his girlfriend. He used a mini blowtorch to caramelize the sugar. If only I met a man who could make a good crème brulee. That would be more effective than alcohol, to get me into bed.

I am also particularly fond of Kozy Shack’s tapioca pudding. (Their chocolate pudding doesn’t suck either.) It’s all about texture.

I like cookies, but only ones that taste homemade. I brought chocolate cookies from Champagne Bakery to one of my “American Idol” viewing parties last February. Everyone loved them expect for me. The chocolate chips tasted chalky and the cookies were obviously made with cheap ingredients. I did, however, have fabulous homemade M&M cookies at a “Sex and the City” party a few months back. I wish I had the recipe.


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