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Is Anyone Politically Correct?

Part of: Politics

*I haven't been feeling well--that's why I haven't written. I feel a bit better today. Hopefully this is somewhat coherent. My brain is not back to speed.

I caught a glimpse of the Oprah show the other day with Arnold S. and Maria Shriver. It was weird watching Maria defend her husband against allegations of being a womanizer. "You can call all of the women from his office," Maria emphatically stated to her "good friend" Oprah.

That's a nice idea and all, but a person who would believe that Arnold's female employees would say anything remotely negative about him should live on another planet.

What is my opinion on this issue? I do believe that Arnold is arrogant. I do believe that Arnold is flirtatious to very flirtatious with other women. I haven't come to these conclusions randomly, but that's all I'll say. I have no idea if Arnold has had multiple affairs. I feel it’s quite possible, though.

Yes, I have meandered my way to another topic. Basically, I think the expression "politically correct" should be null and void. Perhaps it could be buried at a ritzy cemetery in Washington D.C.?

To my horror, I have witnessed three of the California Governor candidates say very politically incorrect statements. We have Gray Davis making fun of Arnold's accent. How old is he, five? We have Arnold saying on Oprah that California is #1 and at least the rest of North America and Europe agree. I find that really insulting to everyone, and I'm from California. We have Tom McClintock commenting on the most likely postponement of the recall election until March “It’s Un-American… and French”. I think that speaks for itself. I know politicians aren’t perfect, but these statements are truly shameful. Why should the general public be politically correct when our own politicians aren’t?


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