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Hard and Rocking

Part of: LA , Slice of Life

Breakfast: toasted pumpkin bagel with cream cheese and a slice of cantaloupe.

I was out with a group of people the other day and had the unfortunate fate of eating at The Hard Rock Café by the Beverly Center. (I only went to see a friend’s band.) Man, the food is bad there. It took me forever to decide what I wanted to eat. I finally decided on The Southwestern Turkey Burger. Normally I like turkey burgers, but the Southwestern part did not sound good. The burger came and I scraped off the red peppers and other Southwestern fixings. at least it didn't come with the promised Carribean mustard, whatever that is. I added ketchup and mustard to add some moisture to the charbroiled burger. The French Fries were even limp and undercooked.

I’m chomping away when the overweight girl I’m sitting next to remarks, “Are you on Atkins or something? Is that why you aren’t eating that bread?”

She was referring to the top bun. Yeah-- I’m this skinny and am still dieting.

I would never say that to someone. I’ve had friends who took off the corners of their food at every meal. One of these same friends had an eating disorder and once asked me how I could drink an Iced-Blended Mocha so quickly—um, it’s a drink and it’s gross when it melts.

“I like open-faced sandwiches,” I explained. “I don’t like to just taste bread when I eat.”

Maybe she had never seen an open-faced sandwich before. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. People, please refrain from commenting on how your friends eat their food-- it pretty much ruins their meal.

Before dinner, I had arrived early to shop at The Beverly Center. That’s a lie. I went to look at clothes and shoes I liked but couldn’t afford. For those of you not in-the-know, the Beverly Center is a mall in Los Angeles between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. If you come to L.A., a visit to the B.C. should be mandatory. You’ll get to witness a lot of L.A. clichés there.

It’s a mall that should be in Vegas. Woody Allen’s movie, “Scenes from a Mall” takes place there. There is modern furniture in-between the stores and walking area, where you can sit for hours. Need to get out of your apartment and don’t have any money? Think outside of your Barnes-and-Noble-squatter-box and come to The Beverly Center. Bring your book from the library and lounge and read for hours. Take breaks and watch very attractive people and the occasional movie star sashay by.

I’ve witnessed people do business from that furniture. And, no, I’ve never seen a homeless person in that mall.

Now there’s even an open restaurant/bar area in the middle of the mall. Have a drink and flirt with the cute bartender/actor to take the edge off shopping.I was about to do just that, but the idea of having a cocktail in the middle of a mall---no matter how nice it was---weirded me out.

I walked around looking in the windows of the closed stores and got to wander around Bloomingdales for 10 minutes before it closed.

A nice salesgirl asked me if my hair was naturally wavy. I said, “Yes.” It made me want to laugh because I never blow-dry my hair. I don’t have the patience.


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