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Skinny LA Bitch

Part of: LA , Slice of Life

*I had a bad stomach virus, and that's why I lost a lot of weight.

My hair stylist today said I was too skinny for “me,” didn’t I agree? It’s kind of cool to be actress skinny for once. You can’t be too thin in Los Angeles. Two women I work for are jealous of my extreme thinness. They are thin, but, then again, they would always like to be thinner. They like to say “Well, you’ll gain the weight back when you are better.” I’m glad I’ve never been obsessive like this. If I were one of these women who compared myself to every thin chick, I would have had a nervous breakdown already.

I had dinner with my parents last night. My mom ventured to ask what I weighed. I keep on telling people (mostly women) I don’t own a scale because I find this question very invasive. I never ask people what they weigh. I told my mother (why?) and she admitted she was my weight once. She had just had my brother, lost all the weight and asked my father if she should continue dieting. He said, yes. Gross..

“We were going to Hawaii. In the pictures my arms look like toothpicks,” my mother admitted. It irritates me that my mother actually asked my father for his opinion and lost too much weight for her small frame. I know my dad didn’t have a stellar body at that point. My mother is usually on a diet to this day, even though she plays tennis 5 days a week.

I am not underweight for my height or anything. The only muscles that have stayed defined are my biceps and triceps. My ass and my breasts have taken a leave of absence. This bums me out because I had just gotten really into yoga again and my body was getting really defined. However, I was at Larchmont Village a week ago and two older men said hi to me. I naturally look younger than my age, and I think being very thin makes me look even younger. I was wondering how old they thought I was. They were both over 40.


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