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Hand in the Golden Cookie Jar

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Last night on my guilty pleasure show “O.C.” rich to rags Marissa stole an expensive watch, among other items. She wanted to tag along with boyfriend Ryan to The South Coast Plaza, a chi-chi mall. The way The South Coast Plaza scenes were shot made me want to snag something myself. Everything looked clean, expensive and orderly.

One time, my riding teacher on a trail ride had said, “The grass is like M&M’s to the horses.” That’s what it’s like for me going into Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman’s and the like. I haven’t been to The South Coast Plaza in years.

I went to Barney’s New York for the BMG (record label) Grammy party a few years ago. That was the only time I really felt like stealing anything. It was so tempting with everything out in the open and exposed. It would have been too easy to grab a cute hair band or lipstick. I was quite liquored up when I decided that.

I had stolen a couple of times in my pre-teen years. On a field trip to Disneyland, a friend of mine talked me into stealing from a store. I realized she was a seasoned pro. She was from a wealthy family. I didn’t really know why she stole things. The idea of stealing had never crossed my mind. I figured a few items from Disneyland didn’t really count—Disneyland wasn’t a real place.

As soon as I had heard that Winona Ryder was caught shoplifting at Barney’s, I knew she must've been really high. You would have to be high to think that you could steal clothing from these stores and not get caught. There were talks of her researching a role, though the project was never mentioned. It could have been for the adaptation of Kathryn Harrison’s book, “Exposure.” It’s about a wealthy crystal-meth addicted woman who goes shoplifting in all the fancy New York City stores. It was fun living vicariously through the main character, Ann. I think I need to re-read it.


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