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This Holiday Season’s _ of Choice:

Part of: Food , Hollywood , Random , Television

Second Edit* Posting will be light through Jan 5th
Be Happy and Merry--Thanks everyone for reading me, and hope you all are having a nice holiday. I know that's impossible, but at least have a good one in your dreams. I will write more off to my aunt's.

It's later....

This holiday season’s _ of choice:

Relative: *brother again (brother until he became bratty (now Mom)

Beverage: champagne/mimosa/eggnog (in order)

Cheese: Brie

Lox: Brent's

Cracker: various (Carr’s, Trisket, etc.)

Sweets: fudge, various bars

Nut: almond

Pancake: German

Syrup: Organic Maple

Meal: homemade turkey/vegetable soup

Present: DVD player (yes, I finally got one)
Any kind of gift card or certificate (I.e. Sephora, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)

Very Cali Presents from Two Different Boss’: a juicer and a yoga mat bag

Dream Present: a down payment on my own place, a round-the-world plane ticket (yeah, I know these two things equal two, but I am greedy)

Could Happen, But Probably Won’t Present: readers
clicking on my donation button and sponsoring my website for as low as five bucks.

Worst Present: ugly pastel bracelet

Most Thoughtless Present: basket with three bottles of wine for my family from my mother's niece who owns a vineyard. (We get this every year.

Most Thoughtful gift: Haven't received it yet

Movie: Elf

Worst Movie: Elf (see below)

Pedophelia moment: pairing of Will Ferrell and Zoey Deschanel in Elf

HBO Movie: Angels in America

TV Show: Arrested Development

Christmas Song: Elvis

Lights: white

Weather: hard rain

Boy (diamond stitched): Brian Kinney

Boy: X

Hat: tweed from a street vendor for ten bucks

Gloves: leather with cashmere lining

Sweater: Cashmere

Coat: tailored black wool from Victoria's Secret

Lingerie: wouldn't you like to know

Scarf: black chenille

Bedding: feather bed (the best present ever)

Shimmery Thing: sequins

Drug: Xanax

Expression: Me to my aunt (checking out the bagel, lox and cream cheese spread) "You're such a Jew!" Aunt: "He's my Lord and Savior! Don (deceased husband) was Danish and they love lox". [editor's note: my grandma was way into lox, too.]

Annoying Mom moment: I go to look at the presents under the tree. Mom: What are you doing?!! Me: What I've done every year since I was born.." Mom: Get away from the tree now!! You'll figure out your presents. Me: I told you the few things I wanted. I exit and get away from mom as fast as I can. Am scared of this new level of neurosis.

Look: flushed cheeks from mind blowing sex (not the cold)

Make-Up: Stila Tinted Moisterizer

Lip Stuff: Carmex

Stuffed Animal: white baby seal

Kiss (to forget kissing old cheeks): French (with a sexy stranger or companion)

Holiday Symbol: Angel

Reindeer: Blitzen

Residence: The Womb (Ashmi's NYC aparment)


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