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Part of: Literati

Breakfast: Peanut M&M's

Slang word of the day (via a friend): MOB--Money Over Bitches

The Word of the Day for January 21 is:

climacteric klye-MAK-tuh-rik noun
*1 : a major turning point or critical stage
2 a : menopause b : a period in the life of a male
corresponding to female menopause and usually occurring with
less well-defined physiological and psychological changes
3 : the marked and sudden rise in the respiratory rate of fruit just prior to full ripening

Example sentence:
Dante realized that he was at a climacteric in his life and would soon have to leave the ivory tower to fend for himself in
the real world.

How cool is this word? And it goes nicely with Leaving LA's latest post. Well, not the menopause part...


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