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Hollywood Interrupted Party

Part of: Hollywood , Literati

I ended up making The Hollywood Interrupted book party despite all the traffic. Going from the Westside to Beverwil/National to Melrose/Fuller is not recommended during rush hour—-kill me next time.

I had originally invited Boifromtroy to be my plus one, because he was such a model date at fondue last week. But Boi had to go to a business dinner. I made plans with Kim and Laura. We got a special parking spot due to Kim’s old connections at Quixote Studios, so that was a bonus.

Upon arriving, I took three pictures with Richard Rushfield, and, no, I was not the one who asked for the re-takes. (There better not be another devil-eyes picture of me floating around the internet.)

I flirted with slapping on a name tag, but RR nixed that idea, "You want for people to come to you." He's older and wiser, so I acquiesced. (Later Laura slyly stuck a name tag that read, my friend, on my arm.)

Richard introduced me to Dana someone, and of course I had to say, “You look familiar.”

I remembered where I knew her from on the way home. She’s a famous comedienne, and I went to a party at her Hollywood Hills place years ago with photographer Carlos Serrao. I remember I was talking to a pretentious filmmaker at one point and tried to get him to give me his pen, but a famous director had given it to him. I do things like that when I’m bored. Not that her party was boring, but it was pretty intimate.

Apparently there was another famous comic there who is on Everybody Loves Raymond and looks like Ray Romano, but is nerdier.

*I also stood next to Arianna Huffington at the bar and confirmed in my head that she had been on my first class flight to NYC in December.

It was lovely bumping into New York Times and Wired News writer Noah Shachtman and his gorgeous doctor girlfriend, Elizabeth. Both are smart, witty and attractive….need I say more? Uh, yes--Noah is also a fellow Pisces.

Luke Ford pointed me toward Nancy Rommelmann, which is now his purpose at parties.

I met some guy David who has a website “not blog” called or something. David swore I’d remember its URL, but said mine was too hard to remember. David went to Hampshire College with Richard R. I used to want to go to Hampshire College when I was in high school.

I met a really cute younger guy named Joshua. I seem to be into younger guys these days. Since I’ve spent my life so far dating older ones, I guess it’s time for a change. The key for me is to date upwardly mobile youngsters, not the I-want-a-mommy-and/or-sugar-mamma ones. Joshua was concerned that I gave my card out liberally after I gave him and Mickey Kaus one. I assured him I do not—it’s the truth. I don't have a fuck-off number or junk e-mail, so I'm usually very careful about who I give my number to.

Mickey Kaus’ blog, Kausfiles, is one of the only political sites I read. I told Mickey I'm so not into politics right now, but still read his blog. He agreed with me about politics sucking at the moment. I also learned that his quote on the back cover of Hollywood Interrupted had been cropped.

As usual, I only paid attention for about five minutes to the speakers at the event: authors Mark Ebner and Andrew Breitbart. Laura was upset that they were dissing Heidi Fleiss, because they are good friends, and she still see's Dr. Fleiss as her physician, though he's a pediatrician--now that's a good doctor.

I said hi to David Poland and Luke Y. Thompson. David is always on work vacations now.

The caterers were drunk and disorderly. Two of them started making out. Another one was trying to impress Kim with his literary knowledge when he thought maybe she was a writer who could get him a job. Ha-ha!!! I passed on the raw looking pizza.

Kim and I left just in time to make it back to catch The Apprentice. We were psyched/siked that Tammy finally got fired.


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