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Note: This is one of my last guest blogger posts from BoifromTroy

Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine, Atoosa Rubenstein was on "Charlie Rose" Tuesday night. Atoosa Rubenstein became the youngest editor-in-chief at teen magazine CosmoGirl! at 26.

Atoosa has a real interest in getting teenage girls to read about current events. How does she accomplish said task without being preachy? She treats teenage girls like kittens--they need to be coaxed.

Hopefully it's working. Conservatives will be happy to know that she is on their team. Charlie Rose questioned her on this rarity among magazine editor-in-chiefs. Atoosa admitted it was true.

Conservative Truth begs to differ:

The weekly column is entitled “Dear Seventeen.” The advice given represents a piece of what ails America:

America is sacrificing her children at the altar of liberalism. Seventeen magazine editor, Atoosa Rubenstein provides advice to children who seek answers to their moral dilemmas. Mom and Dad are either way not cool and cannot be consulted, or they are nonexistent- physically or emotionally. So Rubenstein pinch hits. But she bats for liberalism, not for the children who seek her counsel...

But “Dear Seventeen” is not about good advice. It is Rubenstein’s platform to spread the gospel of liberalism. There is no alert at the beginning of her columns. There is no Surgeon General’s warning that liberalism can kill. There is no warning that the advice provided may be harmful for the few in order to convert the many.


I went by two newsstands on the Westside to see how popular Seventeen magazine was. I asked about the bestselling teen magazines. The best response I got was from the first one:

"Seventeen magazine and Teen Vogue--because it's only $1.99. However, it's mainly marketing, publicity and advertising media people who buy it. So, the joke's on them."


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