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Breakfast: Raspberry Chocolate Balance Bar

This is from the "Single in The City" column that runs on Thursday in The L.A. Times Calendar section. You can't read the whole column unless you have a subscription to The Times, but don't worry about it. This was the highlight written by Samantha Bonar:

Then I spotted young Chris Weitz, the film director and one of Tokio's co-owners, and decided I very much wanted to shake his hand. Hence my wandering outside in search of my connection, Cheryl.

At the door, the blue-eyed "Japanese" concubine shooed me back inside and fetched Cheryl, who took me over to Nathan (who, of course, being man-sized, is from New York), who introduced me to Chris Weitz, who allegedly opened Tokio because his best girl, Heather Graham, likes karaoke. Whatever Rollergirl wants, Rollergirl gets.

Chris and his brother,Paul, directed "American Pie" and "About a Boy," and about this boy I can say: He is cute as pie. With my razor-sharp perception, I discerned this quickly as he asked about my martini and told me he cries frequently. Tall, dark and cute.

The full extent of his cuteness was just striking me — and I had just slipped him my business card — when a very, very pretty girl in a cropped turquoise tank top came over. "Hi! I'm Heather!" she said, and stuck out her hand to me in a friendly yet possessive manner. Foiled by the girlfriend yet again, though I was pleased to have moved up to a whole new caliber of girlfriend. No mere mortal woman can compete with Felicity Shagwell.

I rejoined Nicole, and, having made our appearance for the paparazzi, we left.

That night I dreamed that Chris Weitz and I made out and he dumped Heather.

Samantha why did you give Chris Weitz your card? Oh, right, because you want to date him. Heather could tell. That doesn't seem very professional to give him an L.A. Times business card unless it was business related. I could be wrong.Heather Graham is every guy's fantasy, and those two have been together for a while. He is quite smitten with her. Better luck next time.


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