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The LA Weekly and LA Press Club Parties

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Breakfast: Balance Bar (some caramel crunch thing)

Note: Okay. I finally have all the links in place. You can all thank me later. They are all worth clicking on.

I attended two parties Thursday night: The LA Weekly monthly party at Boardner’s in Hollywood (a hop, skip and a jump away from their actual offices) for Marc Cooper’s book, THE LAST HONEST PLACE IN AMERICA-- Paradise and Perdition in the New Las Vegas and The Los Angeles Press Club party in honor of Sandra Tsing Loh.

The LA Weekly party best dressed award goes to managing editor, Sharan Street. Sharan was wearing a whimsical, ethnic inspired top by Save the Queen, a black velvet skirt (classy not cheesy) and a gorgeous wrap from Pakistan. Who said that editors don’t dress well?

Roger L. Simon has casual LA style down pat. I told him about the mix up at Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I had mistaken commenter R.L. Simon for Roger and originally quoted him as saying he liked “Arrested Development.” Roger hasn’t even watched “Arrested,” so I convinced him it was “Must See TV.”

I was sad to find out upon arrival at the LAPC party (at The Figueroa Hotel) that Sandra had already delivered a brilliant speech. Her speech was not mentioned on the itinery. I was able to briefly chat with her, and it made me even more of a fan. She was wearing a lovely orange top and has the best hair. For some reason, Corey Levitan brought up in front of Sandra that I had e-mailed him that I was only interested in being friends with him. I don’t know why Sandra would care. I guess it would be best for no male writers to hit on me at Press Club functions. I don’t want to deal with your egos, OK? Anyway, Corey has a column at Playboy and I don’t.

Best dressed award for women goes to hostessEmmanuelle who mixes and matches clothes in that French way that most women can’t pull off. If absentee hostess Amy Alkon had been in town, she would’ve been noted as well.

RiShawn Biddle was wearing a fabulous double breasted trench coat. Luke Ford was in a nice suit and red tie. Luke was having a particularly good hair night. I wonder if he bought some new hair gel.[Yes, Grecian Formula Hair Creme] RiShawn admitted his favorite thing about Breakfast at Tiffany’s was what I have for breakfast, because I am so healthy and he’s not. He hadn’t read my “Coast Toast” post yet.

I was happy to catch up with the lovely and talented Moxie and always fascinating and helpful David Rensin. Unfortunately, I missed talking to Sara Grace. I was happy to make the acquaintance of young adult fiction writer, Kerry Madden. She has three kids and Sandra Tsing Loh has two young kids, which I am in awe of.

I’m excited to check out producer/writer Kevin Bleyer’s new show “Significant Others” on Bravo (his day job is at Dennis Miller). Other notables at party: Joe Frank, Mickey Kaus, Matt Welch, Martin Devon, Rand Simberg, Luke Y. Thompson, Sharon Waxman and Kevin from L.A. Observed.

I need to buy a ticket to see Sandra and Joe Frank at The Evidence Room in April.

"No Loh, No Dough" stickers were being given away copiously by Cathy Seipp. I put one on my hip and some guy was wondering why I had a sticker on my ass. Um, it was on my hip. I don’t think I’d want to sleep with someone who couldn’t discern the two. (And, no, I didn't want to sleep with him.)

A writer I mentioned here writes me:

"you're vicious! poor Mr. Levitan. one way to guarantee the men you know will be on their best behavior. makes for good reading, though."


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