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The Usual *Snarky* Suspects

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Breakfast (4/29): "this fig walks into a bar..." from Trader Joe's

The usual *snarky* suspects have blogged about today’s NYT piece about Seventeen magazine’s editor-in-chief, Atoosa Rubenstein. Some of these bloggers are so laissez faire that they just link to the piece without commentary. It’s unnecessary, because we can easily imagine what they’d say.

If these blogs had anything interesting or original to say, they wouldn’t be linking to an innocuous piece about where Rubenstein lunches.

When Atoosa Rubenstein, the editor in chief of Seventeen magazine, gets to choose the location for a lunch meeting, she simply descends from her 13th-floor office on Broadway and does a quick diagonal across Times Square to her favorite restaurant. One of New York's youngest and most sought-after editors, Ms. Rubenstein gets a big welcome from the maître d'hôtel and then steps into a huge chrome and glass elevator to the second-floor dining area, where she is framed by a tasteful mobile of fish seeming to swim in the air. Just last week, she settled into a big cushy booth there a little after noon.

"Welcome to Red Lobster," said the waitress. "May I bring you something?"

Can any of these bloggers afford a restaurant nicer than the Red Lobster outside of their expenses? Well, Atoosa certainly can.

If someone outside of these blogger’s elite circle gets ink, the writer or editor of the piece obviously wants to sleep or is sleeping with the subject. (No one else could possibly be written about because they’re *gasp* interesting and/or talented.) Though some of these other *snarky* bloggers get ink, they always need *more* attention.

Why is Rubenstein still relevant? There hasn’t been much written about her, and she’s very accomplished for her age. Also, she has brought politics and world issues to a teen magazine, which to my knowledge, no one else has done. What other teen magazine editor has gone to Iraq since the current war started?

Jennifer Caple writes me:

It is a good thing that you are good enough to be as arrogant as you are. You were extra arrogant on 4/28 with your post and I respect that in you.If I were not a BITCH myself I would accuse you of being one and mean it in a bad way. I appreciate your writing.


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