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Our Ears Are Burning

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*Updated* for the (I will refrain from a snarky remark)

Breakfast: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food on a sugar cone

The Spoonbender writes about my previous entry:

Let's set aside her knack for coupling unrelated thoughts into sentences for a moment and turn our attention to her deplorable slight of my gorgeous and strong Latina sisters.

There's one word for suggesting that "most Latinas" are too fat to fit into women's clothing, and that word is racism. Friends, that's something I just don't cotton.
I also don't cotton missing the real real joke here -- that there's a store called American Apparel in a Mexican neighborhood.

Some day we'll meet, dear Tiffany, and when that day comes, you'll know what fresh urine feels like as it soaks though your paprika sleeveless top.

Tiffany speaks:

"Dear Spoonbender, I do not find it ironic or 'the real joke' that American Apparel is in a Mexican/American neighborhood. Yes, I added American and consider those Mexicans to be Americans as well.

I guess I need to hit some people over the head: Having a hipster T-shirt store with "youth" fit women's sizes would be ironic in any neighborhood except places where women are size 0-4.

In fact, Spoonbender, I will probably start writing more informal "Day in the Life" type posts. Sorry, did my stream of consciousness writing style lose you?

I hope that The Spoonbender (can I call you Spoony?) will one day review one of my books."

PS After talking to a mutual aqaintance, I do think I might've been too quick to get mad at one of the *snarky* NYC bloggers for something he probably didn't do, though I am not positive. Hopefully he has more of a life than I was giving him credit for. I am very flattered he chose to parody my writing. For the record, I was not upset about that.

PPS On a lighter note if you love The Verve/Richard Ashcroft as much as I do, buy The Shore CD as soon as it comes out.

*PPPS I have heard a piece of celebrity gossip so disturing that I don't even know if I should write about it as a blind item. And why have I been scooping all the paid gossip writers? I don't even look for gossip and none of my readers ever e-mail me any tips.

PPPPS is an homage to Kausfiles


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