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Jill Wrote Courtney Cox's Asshole

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Breakfast: oatmeal/maple scone and iced coffee

Supervising Producer and one of the writers from "Six Feet Under", Jill Soloway, writes BAT in response to this post:

thank you for using my name on your blog- it upped my google hittability by two, I think!

(ps when the women writers heard they [LA Times] were doing a story on the women of six feet under we kept jokingly asking what time our hair n makeup people were coming. they don't care about us at all! I just happened to be on the set the day maria elena visited and talked her ear off so I'd end up in the story and have higher googlism.)

what's the word? someone needs to invent it-

popularity as measured by search engine hit quanity

google-rificness? that's not it. we'll find it one of these days

-Jill Soloway

Greg writes:


Now that I know that even writers from "Six Feet Under" think about their Google ranking, I can't even tell you how much better I feel about my own life.

I'm not saying that this is a HEALTHY state of mind, but I nevertheless feel great.

Let's do lunch. Have your agent call my machine.

Greg Howard


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