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My Diary-- 14 Years Old---Part 4

Part of: Literati , Trick Or Treat

Breakfast: a handful of cocoa almonds from Trader Joe's

I found one of my old diaries at my parents' house the other day. I think it's pretty safe to say that at least my mom has read it. I will be posting a few more of these before going back to regular programming. I haven't written anything personal in a while, so I've decide to share this--eek. All names have been changed.

Dear Diary,

I do not understand about Chris. I just talked to Paul and he said that Chris was coming back really late—like 1:00 or something. What the hell is going on? Does Chris have some girl’s house that he sleeps over for a few hours or something? I’m going to hopefully talk to him tomorrow. I like him kind of a lot. Damn. I wanted to go out to lunch with him tomorrow. He was also gone today. Why didn’t he go to school? Why wasn’t he at home? What the hell’s going on? I’m going to play sleuth. Hasta Lavista Baby! I’ll write again when the mystery develops.
♥ ya

Dear Diary,

Well…a lot has developed with Chris. I talked to him last night and he gave me a ride to school today. He’s so rad! I totally like him. He doesn’t go to school because he doesn’t want to. But he said that for now on that he will go and that he’ll get better grades. He means it too. Guess what? Rebecca and I are spending the whole weekend totally alone and guess what? Chris might come over for a while. He’s supposed to go to his friend’s place in Monterey but…he said he might be sick tomorrow aka decide not to go. If he likes me he won’t go. He asked me on the phone a little while ago if my dad would like him. So analyze that one. Damn…if I ever had him as m boyfriend I do not know what the hell I would do about my mom. I wish I could tell her everything but I can’t cause I’d never be able to do anything then. Anyways I would never do anything with Chris. Why can’t my parents trust me? Oh well! Shit. I’d shit if my parents ever read this, actually I’d probably kill myself or run away. I’ll write back when I find out what’s happening with Chris.


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