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Breakfast: 2 poached eggs with parmesan, cracked pepper
and an iced coffee.

Jazzchic writes Tiffany:

"I like girlie men too. And I like men with shaved heads, and men with tattoos, and men with certain parts pierced, and boys who look like they need you to take them home and wash them up, and men who play guitar, and geeky men, oh hell... I like men. (No jocks please.)"

DH writes Tiffany:

"I enjoyed your comment about g-mail: Sex/ G-spot/Gmail. 'Hard to find and hard to get.' I have an anecdote: Once years ago, I took a telemarkeing job at a Telecommunications co. The trainer was this mid 20-s, hardened, very streetwise African american woman. Kind of pretty. She made a brilliant comment during training ( Had nothing to do with the training)'First you have to make the money, and then you get the sex' A more appropriate comment about LA has never been made. Either you have money or you have beauty (the beauty then becomes your "currency") You must have one or the other. If you have both, you are the cream of the crop, please slide past the velvet rope."

Robofrost writes Tiffany about Olsenmania post:

"Amen, babe -- great entry. I think we're all guilty of forgetting the dehumanizing aspect of gossip -- forgetting that these are in-the-flesh, imperfect human beings just like us who struggle with life and death problems, but under the additional burden of suffocating public pressure and image expectations. I kind of felt the same way during the "Benifer" cancelled wedding/post break-up deathwatch when the gossip pages were trailing every Ben 'n' Jen move and speculating on their emotional mindset. I mean, Jesus Christ, it's absolutely fucking emotional hell ending a relationship, much less an engagement, and I'm sure for them it wasn't any different. The jokes, the ridicule, and the obsessive minute-by-minute coverage of it all completely disregarded that, and it got to the point of feeling really savage to me. But hey, I'm like everybody else -- I like reading about who's fucking who, who's breaking up with who, who's making a drunken/stoned ass out of themselves in public, whose raging ego is out of control, and who'se fucking over who. But let people be sick, let people have relationships, and let people be human without having a camera in their face or a gossip scooper who has daily column inches to fill on their heels 24/7. There comes a point when it crosses the line and turns from good fun to a destructive, dehumanizing form of entertainment, and I think you've illustrated a perfect example of the latter in your entry extremely well."

Greg Dewar writes Tiffany:

"Liked your piece on the Olsen gossip-mania. My best friend growing up has a sister who has suffered from this and it is really sad because she's such a nice person and I feel bad for anyone who has to go through this. It's like the media enjoys trashing on the gals for being 'fat'(when they aren't) then trash on them for having an illness, then await them to get their 'comeuppance' again for some twisted reason. ugh! anyway, good job."

Kellemak writes Tiffany:

"Have never written in response to an article found on the Internet...Got a chuckle out of your "A Day In the Life..." [Day 2] observations. I stumbled on the "Movie Poop" website while taking a break from reading screenplays for, oddly enough, that "reality show" sponsored by that friend of Director Kevin's who was in Kevin's recent movie. I am strictly a volunteer, though. (Makes my husband crazy cause I should be cooking instead of reading.) It is 2am, the kids are asleep, and here I sit engrossed in a reading of someone's heart and soul, poured out and downloaded, so that I can offer my amateur observations. The hardest part, as you allude, is writing constructive comments about work that is, my opinion of course, lacking. I only make brief comments, to be read by the screenplay's author. Writing an entire synopsis about a screenplay that is not written well or is boring would be challenging. I must admit, though, that 60 plus works later, I am amazed at these writers'ideas and look forward to the next screenplay to read. Several have been quite good, including more than a few vampire storylines...Enjoyed your column. Good luck."

P.S. My friend told me THE BOURNE SUPREMACY after party was a complete bore. I do have good insticts.


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