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Back-from-Holiday Mail Bag

Part of: Literati

Breakfast: toasted baguette with strawberry jam and butter

Joyce Jones writes:

In my opinion, anyone that thinks a good
American Presidential choice, is based on whether or not his Children are in Vogue in August or September, should leave the USA! You are obviously too SHALLOW to survive!

Tiffany writes:

Dear Ms. Jones,

Are you related to Jim Jones?

MT writes:

Ancient Script FRACTAL: The Hollow Knots screenplay

Tiffany writes:

Dear MT,

I don’t know you from this life or a past one, so I don’t know why you deemed it appropriate to send me your screenplay.

Jimmy Dun writes:

Dear Sir / or Madam,

Glad to know your company from the Internet. We are professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of frame & mirror, stain glass decoration items. Such as: Tiffany panel, Bronze lamps, ceiling lamps , shades lamps , table lamps , floor lamps ,galle lamps, hot lamp, bead & hand paint lamp , frame & mirror ... For details, please visit us at : We started our business since 1997 and we enjoy very good fame all over the world . Our lamps are UL, CE. CSA and TMK certified. We are sincere and flexible and willing to do business with you! We are looking forward to hear from you! If you need any other pattern or model on the tiffany lamps, you can send me the sample or drawing of the tiffany lamps. We can design it for you as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Jimmy Dun

Tiffany writes:

Dear Jimmy,

I’m so glad we are Internet buddies! I look forward to receiving the Tiffany lamps.


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