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I Heart Jeff Richards

Part of: Hollywood

Updated final with magazine name

Breakfast: iced coffee and a scone (scones are like 800 calories)

Jeff Richards did a 55-minute set at The Comedy Hotel Thursday night. He is definitely my new favorite comic. No, I don't want to fuck him or anything. His talent really blew me away. I'm sure it did when he was on Saturday Night Live, too. A lot of people don't realize that when artists make things appear seamless and easy, it means they are brilliant and spend/spent countless hours getting to that place.

Stupid Stuff Du Jour:

*How late is Defamer on that Zach Baraff blog post? I wrote about it before he did, and L.A. Blogs wrote about it way back on August 18th. That’s one of the reasons why I rarely read Defamer.

*Also, I would appreciate if people (you know who you are) would give me credit when they blatantly rip off something from my blog. It’s nice to be validated on my creativity and originality, but please have some manners.

*Paris Hilton and I have something in common: Tiffany Paris

*My second guest blogger (and maybe third) will be posting soon. Getting to be a guest blogger here is on par with a non-famous actor getting a guest starring role on a sitcom.

There’s a new "guy" (or "gay guy" and "straight girl") magazine** that I can’t remember the dumb name of, but its first issue has pictures of hot guys in it. There’s a layout of some William Morris agents and trainees. A lot of them are good looking, but who is Jason Trawick? I’m sure he’s a player, but he’s so damn cute.

**I found out: VITALS- The New Men's Magazine About Life's Great Necessities. Matt Damon is on the cover.

*I've been out of town most of this month, but that doesn't mean I'm suddenly rich. I am tan.

*No, I don't wear colored contact lenses. I never have and never will.

*I might drastically change my hair color. That rumor is accurate.

*What to eat while watching the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or reading this blog. I would suggest regular champagne instead of bellinis (to ward off a hangover) and substitute chocolate strawberries in lieu of bonbons--just because. I've mentioned here dozens of times how I am demented for Magnolia cupcakes. Now we have the recipe!

*Last post on this page I Want to Laugh has been updated. Also, my second guest blogger will be posting this afternoon.


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