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Ashmi Orgasms for Politics

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Breakfast: large coffee, 2 sugars, extra light w/whole milk (you can't get extra light w/skim)

First, my apologies to our fabu hostess Tiffany and B.A.T. readers for the lengthy delay in posting my follow up. I had a family emergency, started classes, my male dog decided it was the perfect time to get a UTI and I somehow managed to keep my job at "Not TV" post-Emmy week, while all of this went down. Needless to say, I had to temporarily table the fun stuff in my life.

While I had wild dreams of posting all kinds of interesting stats about the RNC in NYC, it's old news. I'll leave you with one story. Friday night, hovering outside my apartment for nearly 3 hours, were several helicopters capturing footage of the first arrests made in NYC. This can be a little mind bending when you don't yet know why they're out there and live in the downtown area. That was just the beginning. All told, nearly 2,000 people were arrested for exersizing their right to assemble during the RNC. 560 waited so long to get processed, the court levied a $500,000 fine against the City of New York. I'm still trying to sort out if that comes out of the 7.5% of my salary I pay for my 4 walls on Union Square. I think I am paying for the appeal the city is making to the court. I wonder what it cost the folks in Boston for the 30 or so arrested during the DNC.

Thanks to those who participated in the B.A.T. polls. Here are the results:

100% do not support the use of air strikes against any country that offers aid or safe harbor to individuals or organizations committed to further attacks against America.

86% feel the Death Tax should be permenently repealed 1% undecided

72% do not support the partial birth abortion ban

66% do not support the SDI Defense Shield

Kerry 40
Bush 23

Next up: The Presidential Debates.

This Thursday at 9pm ET, the incumbent and his opponent will face off in the first of three Presidential Debates. 2 of the most heated issues of this election come in to play - Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security. With topics like that, one might think this is as good as front row tickets to Radiohead closing night of the OK Computer tour. Well, the "riders" these rockstars submitted for this show make it more along the lines of front row seats at a Milli Vanilli show - a few moves, no real singing and hopefully you won't get any sweat on you. The room will be set to industry standard temperature because one debater fears looking sweaty like Nixon during his Presidential debate against Kennedy. Participants must remain stationary because during the 2000 debate, someone got in W's face. Responses will be timed to limit BOTH of their rambling. Respondents can not address each other nor pose any direct question to one another (see not getting into W's face). While I'm glad never to have seen Milli Vanilli, this is my kinda show. Straight and to the point. Tune in, turn it up and don't sneeze, cough or might miss something good.



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