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Political Question Du Jour

Part of: Politics


Breakfast: croissant with jam and coffee

I will be posting later on.


Do you support the law, passed by the Republican Congress and signed by President Bush that bans partial-birth abortion?


Should we build President Regan’s SDI defense shield against nuclear missile attack?


John Kerry or George Bush for President?

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Jennifer writes B.A.T.:

"You know, I am not trying to be your friend (by writing you
again)...nor am I trying to be "some" expert on politics--but damn those Bush girls did good (the RNC)---someone should write about them! I know you won't write about them (My name is Tiffany, I don't write politics) but someone should--and you should pick pick, and tell them, to write...I need some commentary."

Dear Jennifer:

"I missed it or else I would've written about it here--believe me. I'm just very particular about what I will write about politics. Check out Wonkette."


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