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Reader Mail

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Breakfast: 3 peanut butter/chocolate chip uncle eddie's vegan cookies

Likewise writes:

"I did enjoy your recent entry and was wondering why you chose to strike through 'hot' as a prerequisite for a french tutor... because of loyalty to a honey? Or because you really do genuinely want to learn french?"

Tiffany writes:


Angel writes:

"It's Angel again, and this time I have a question regarding one of your posts. In the post, you stressed how important it was to know how to write good, believable, realistic dialogue and how so many writers are (surprisingly) bad at it. So my question is this: How in the hell do you explain the popularity of the "Gilmore Girls?" I have tried and tried to figure out why and I continue to be stumped. Who the hell talks like that?? NOBODY. Yet, not only have audiences fallen in love with this awful show, their ridiculous dialogue has become a GG trademark! I don't get it. Do you have some fabulous insight on this disturbing phenomenon?"

Tiffany writes:

"Dear Angel, I'm not a "Gilmore Girls" fan. However, it's nice to see the Ivy League TV writers (a large percentage of them) writing a show that's not beneath them. If I have to hear another Ivy Leaguer complaining about writing for a trite show, I will cut my wrists."

keifel writes:

"I would recommend the 12" Powerbook over the ibook, better bang for the buck long term. and if you're getting it as a gift you'll want to get the most joy out of it. the actually processor speeds may seem the same, but the Powerbook can support an actual second monitor and more
ram and other hardware upgrades. just a thought,

Tiffany writes:

"Hmm...I think I'll take that advice to heart".

Alexander writes:

"Dear Sirs! Are you interesting purchase of domain name ? Our started price for discussion is $25000. Please let us know if it's interesting for you."

Tiffany writes:

"Alexander, 25,000? Are you on heroin?"

Robert F writes:

" special question is, if you have the audrey foto, which is on your page in a better resolution, because I want to create the original audrey sunglasses, and have only pictures of her front.i would be very happy if you could help me greetings..."

Tiffany writes:

Dear Robert, don't you think if I had the picture in better resolution that I'd use it?

Amanda writes:

"yes i know that you probably get this question about as much as you get asked if you are a producer and handed a head shot, but whatever i have nothing to loose. how do you become a script reader? i have been working as a production assistant for 6 years and i can never seem to move anywhere or be employed by people who are willing to help me move up. im not going to give you my story, because frankly you dont care. ive wanted to get into development, but i have no idea how to start. Im at my wits end, and if i have to work on another fucking reality show i may shoot myself. can you give me any advice? thanks. feel free to erase this email now!"

Tiffany writes:

"Amanda, send your resume to film production companies. Get a copy of The Hollywood Creative Directory, etc."

Morten writes 12/20:

"Just when I was really disappointed in you over the 'where to spot celebrities'-post you bounce back with usual wit, style and intelligence (usual for you that is - unusual for other people).But back to the subject matter: Gilmore Girls. Yes the dialogue is incredibly unrealistic but it is after all a work of fiction. Since the lines aren't awkward but flows freely from the actors I'll accept it. A lot of shows aren't 100% realistic (every single sitcom) - I can't see why Gilmore Girls have to be just because it's a drama series. Anyway, just my 2ยข. PS I don't actually follow Gilmore Girls but that has more to do with it being rather trite than anything else."

Tiffany writes:

"yeah, my blog is a cornucopia of content. Thanks for your 'Gilmore Girls' analysis."

Note: One of my favorite e-mails was from Alex from MI, but I can't find it. Ahhh

Note 2: Coming soon...a picture of moi.


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