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Faster Dust Bunny! Kill! Kill! Kill!

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[Breakfast: breakfast wrap with turkey bacon and carrot juice from Blue Plate]

Being sick sucks. The first two days I’m in denial, so I still work and possibly go out to dinner and see a movie—if I’m well enough to work, then I’m well enough to go out. I’ll even have a glass or two of red wine, because the alcohol will kill the germs, right? On the third day, I wake up with a splitting headache, a throat so sore that I can only whisper, and don’t have enough energy to get out of bed. Then I feel stupid for not taking it easy the first two days, because now my body is making sure that I can’t do anything. The worst thing about getting sick the day after a move, is that dusty boxes are everywhere and unpacking them will certainly make one more sick.

I flopped on my couch (that incidentally could be a lot more comfortable) and picked up a script (yes, I know it’s the third day) that I promised a close friend I’d read and mark up by the end of the day. It took me three hours to get through the script while correcting all the spelling errors, noting proper screenplay format, and writing down my other notes. I had to take breaks to watch Oprah and Dr. Phil.

On Oprah, I learned that a lot of women pay too much attention to their children, thus neglecting their husbands and leaving no time for sex. Wait, there is an exception to this truism and that’s "First I’m a wife, then a mother. I’m in love with my husband and not my children" Ayelet Waldman, writer and wife of Michael Chabon (the hot Pulitzer Prize winning novelist who has 23 year old writers throwing themselves at him-Ayelet’s words). Well, duh, things are different if you have a sexy, famous husband who looks younger and more attractive than you do. Ayelet states that she’s 5’ tall and a bit chubby. Maybe she should spend time at the gym and not wear cap-sleeved blouses that make her arms look like sausages.

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Ayelet also explains that Michael works at home and that they raise their children together. He also helps around the house. The moms there want to kill her. I have to admit that a couple weeks back, reading the controversial New York Times article she wrote took my breath away. Yes, I do get her point that women have to not let their kids become their whole world, but what child wants to grow up and read an article that portrays their mother as selfish and caring more about their father than her children?

Also, she says that when her first daughter was born she found her to be ugly. After the article, I was wondering why Ayelet had four kids. I figured that her husband had wanted a large family and that she was so in awe of him (she puts him on a pedestal in the article) that she did it for him. Whatever, in the end I really don’t care what she does. (Wait, she has a blog called Bad-Mother. I do want to check that out!)

DK walked in with my requested large hot chocolate from Leonidas. It’s my favorite hot chocolate around town as well as food critic Jonathon Gold’s, daughter. When I told DK about the show, he said seriously, "I’d rather not have kids than have no sex." Well, duh! TBC...


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