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[Breakfast: turkey bacon wrap and a latte from Blue Plate]

A reader writes:

My close friend worked as Judith Regan's PA for a year or two and ended up practially having a nervous breakdown on a daily basis. That woman drove a totally sweet and kind girl to the brink. Torture is too good for her. (Did you read the VF article, btw?)That woman is so psycho she makes Bob and Harvey Weinstein look like pussycats. She really is deranged and evil and kinda sick, from what I heard from my friend. Sadly, none of that is said with hyperbole. My friend wouldn't even let Vanity Fair use her name when they interveiwed her for that article a few months back. It's been years and she still fears the woman. I'm only pointing this out because you seem to have a little PR going for her there...LOL


New Yorkers: How to end your life out here
At Home with the huffington (and the nation)


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