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I Still Heart Jill Soloway

Part of: LA , Literati

[Breakfast: a handful of Muesli]

For everyone who doesn’t know that I love JILL SOLOWAY, just do a search on my site. So I was thrilled when she invited me to one her BOOK READINGS. Typically you go to some book reading party and the author reads and it’s over. For Jill’s special event she was smart and got actresses and a comedienne to read chapters from her hilarious non-fiction first book "TINY LADIES IN SHINY PANTS".

Before the reading, DK and I had to stand for a few minutes in a waiting room. I saw a woman who looked familiar. I figured that she was a comedienne because she looked arty quirky. When we got inside DK pointed out that she was Maxine--one of the show runners from Situation: Comedy.

DK and I surveyed the crowd in the intimate setting, "They’re all writers," I said.

"How do you know?"

"Cause only like two people are dressed like they came from a regular office."

"Oh, right," DK said.

Some guy behind us was talking about a surgery that you could get to stop snoring. The woman to my left proclaimed,

"I think Jill’s a good writer, but sometimes I don’t get it, but maybe it’s me. You know, like that hand washing thing."

I bit my lip to stop from laughing because the story that she was referring to "Why Jews go to the Bathroom with the Door Open" continues to linger in my mind. I realized what the woman really meant was that she didn’t agree with certain philosophies that Jill has.

I was very excited that I was finally going to see Jill Soloway in the flesh, because I had somehow missed seeing her during Hollywood Hell House. When she came on stage, I realized why. Jill looks nothing like any of the pictures on her WEB SITE. She has curly dark hair in a rock ‘n roll layered cut that I had for a while when I lived in NYC. Jill did not look like she needed to lose 30 pounds. Jill also looked about 10 years younger than those photos. And Jill was in a very stylish gray outfit that I couldn’t picture the old Jill in my mind wearing. So in conclusion, Jill is really cute and wears clothes other than jeans and expensive concert T-shirts.

The readers performances were all engaging.

"I liked Illeana Douglas the best," I said.

"She was the most natural, " DK said.

"I like her hair darker better, though."

Illeana had her hair blonde and really straight. She was wearing a pink (Mark Jacobs?) silk shirt and funky jeans and sandals.

"She looks better as a blonde," DK said, "Justina Machado had great energy."

"They were all* good, just different. I’m glad that Jill ended up reading."

The party and book signing next door was fun (great mini quesadillas!) though we stayed briefly before running off to Doughboys for something more substantial. I also managed to quickly introduce myself to Jill, though I wasn’t my most charismatic because I was tired.

P.S. In yesterday’s Variety it was front-page news that Jill Soloway’s book will be the basis for a sitcom by Regency Television. You all must buy "TINY LADIES IN SHINY PANTS" ASAP. It’s a quick read and I recommend it to all you writers who write me asking for advice, because it even has a section at the end that answers the most frequently asked question that Jill gets about TV writing.

*Lisa Edelstein and Jessi Klein were the remaining readers.


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