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Not So Random Thoughts

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[Breakfast: a peanut butter Balance Bar]

--Did anyone else notice that the Jewish wedding in the Wedding Crashers was filmed in a church or that Rachel McAdams is suddenly 28 in every publication instead of 29?

--I finally got around to a taste test and have decided that The Victorian House pancake stand at Sunday's Santa Monica (Main Street/Ocean Park Blvd.) Farmers' Market has the best pancakes in LA. I can't resist them and I'm not even a pancake person. They also have amazing sausages. Bread & Porridge in Santa Monica came in second for pancakes. Jinky's pancakes suck. FYI: To judge pancakes one must always taste the buttermilk ones first, even if one really wants the chocolate chip or pumpkin pancakes.

--Fashion magazines are stating unironically that Black is the new Black.

--I didn't notice until last night's season finale of "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" that Kathy Griffin and her husband Matt have tattooed wedding rings. Tres sweet.

-- Geese Aplenty has proof that Jennifer Garner and the real CIA are in bed together.

--Dudemanphat reads celebrity minds here and here better than the Go Fug Yourself girls!


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