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Project Runway- Episode 6

Part of: Fashion , Television

I love "Project Runway" so much that I bought something at Banana Republic last month just so I could get the "Project Runway" magazine. Here’s the best and worst of this week’s fashion opera.

Santino (savoring his win of the Nicky "I’m so bored but have to be here so I can promote my line of clothing" Hilton dress challenge): "I’m going to design all the Hilton hotel merchandise in all of the little gift stores."

Maybe you should first get rid of your comb-over and take a shower.

Santino’s arrogance knew no bounds as he later attempted to convince the judges that his Banana Republic design was the best by personally insulting them.

Santino (to Michael Kors): "Well, I feel like your customer is a little bit older and I think that this is the Banana Republic woman. I know lots of women who know Banana Republic and don’t know Michael Kors."

Banana Republic Executive: "It’s a beautifully styled piece but it’s not believable for our customers."

Santino’s head has deflated.

If you believe that, you'll believe anything.

Zulema got tough with "I lost my meds & am having my third nervous breakdown" Kara:

Zulema (to Kara): "I don’t care if you’ve got to cry and cut, but you need to cry and cut."

Zulema and Kara weren’t axed, but that dress looked totally ‘80s. I don’t know why the judges liked it.

Were they stoned or something?

Next week’s preview showed Kara sewing up her wrists.

Meanwhile the Daniel and Andrei lovefest continues unabated. Those two are definitely hooking up - too bad, cause I think Daniel’s hot.


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