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--Santino Rice from "Project Runway" has his own blog. You can even bid on his design creations from past episodes. Uh, someone actually bought Episode 4's hideous lingerie that he designed for $255.00 (excluding shipping)!

--Perez Hilton gets blown by publicists and he's only a blogger, so take that!

--H&M will arive at the Beverly Center this fall. I might have to move to Beverly Center adjacent. [LA Observed]

--"A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey is #1 on the Sunday Non-Fiction Best-Seller list, but will like totally not be next week. B.A.T. actually believes that most non-fiction books have some fabrications in them, so go ahead and buy the book. [Jossip]

--A man broke out of prison by dieting his way to less than 90 pounds. He's still at large. See, being as thin as Nicole Richie can get you places. [FemaleFirst]

--Saying, "That's So Gay" is so 2004. [ Assistant/Atlas]


Project Runway: Episode 6


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