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I Heart Valentine's Day Presents

Part of: Food , LA , Sparkly , Travel

DK and I ditched work on Wednesday to go to The Happiest Place on Earth--Disneyland. The lines were short and the new Space Mountain was worth the trip. We even spotted a twentysomething couple who were wearing bride and groom Mickey Mouse ears--they had just gotten married. I congratulated them even though I thought that they were freaks. Yes, you can get married at Disneyland. For lunch we dined at the romantic Blue Bayou that overlooks Pirates of the Carribean. We had a really scary waitress that appeared to be from Stepford because she talked in a robotic voice as if we were delicate little children about to have nervous breakdowns. Luckily she had to "take a short break" to recharge and was replaced with a nervous middle aged woman with a normal voice. I ate a side salad and half of a Monte Cristo sandwich. All in all, it was a dreamy day.

Epilogue: That night I put on my new Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent batik shorts, a pair of boots and shared a bottle of Perrier Jouet with DK while having chocolate fondue and doing other things not fit to write about here.


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