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Daniel Franco is not Gay

Part of: LA , Television

[Breakfast: oatmeal with slivered almonds, banana and oat milk]

An hour ago I was enjoying my tea and mini-sandwiches at Tudor House, while catching up on Vogue, Star and Us Weekly. Not a bad way to spend one's late lunch hour, eh? I looked up from my deep reading and noticed that a young twentysomething (also a natural redhead) was sitting at the table next to mine. Her boyfriend had his back to me. (It pissed me off that she was wearing a 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent dress that I wanted to buy. Damn trustafarian!!)What was weird was that from the back, The Boyfriend reminded me of Daniel Franco. He was wearing a nice button down shirt and had a unique blue jacket sitting on the back of his chair. And by unique, I mean not attractive. The boyfriend was running his fingers through his hair to try to get the style just right. Somehow that reminded me even more of Daniel Franco. Maybe he did that a lot on Project Runway and I had subconsciously noticed. FYI: I haven't seen many straight men do that in public. I was listening for DF's voice, because let's face it: it's pretty girlie. The stupid couple was speaking very quietly, almost whispering. WTF? So I went to the bathroom and on the way back got a good look at the real Daniel Franco. Daniel and his GF were having a totally boring conversation, so I didn't waste anytime eavesdropping. But it looks like Daniel Franco is striaght. I know gay men everywhere are weeping.


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this would be that 'readhead' you refer to.
Congrats an your description (trustafarian), i know from unfortunate personal experience, this is the best way to describe her.

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