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Keira Knightley can Legally Drink at Mood!

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I was really worried that TMZ would catch Keira Knightley boozing it up at Mood in LA before she turned 21. Now we can celebrate! Whoo hoo! That Pig mask disguise that Keira used to travel incognito was so "V for Vendetta" inspired (though DK swears it was inspired by an old British film). By the way, Keira should have been in that film instead of Natalie Portman. Then we wouldn't have had to listen to Portman's dreadful English accent or watch her lukewarm performance. It's kind of weird that Keira looks like a cross between Winona Ryder and Keri Russell in that first photo. I love Keira Knightley. I'm glad that her birthday (March 26th) isn't the same as Fergie's (March 27th) or else I would've had to throw-up. Of course they are also ten years apart in age, but Fergie looks like she could be Keira's mother. The description of Keira's party sounds way cooler than Fergie's cliche bash:

"Keira Knightley's 21st birthday celebrations on Sunday night went off with a bang. The actress spent a reported £35,000 on a shindig held in the Grill Room at Café Royal. The dress code for the evening was movie stars from the 1930s, though I'm informed the evening wouldn't have been out of place in 19th-century Paris. Guests were apparently treated to some erotic dancing throughout the night by a series of topless burlesque performers, one of whom appeared from out of a giant egg to wish Ms Knightley a happy birthday. "Keira jumped on stage to join them at one point," says one party-goer. "She then announced she'd treat us all to a striptease of her own. "Sadly she backed out by making an excuse that she was wearing a horrendous pair of 'granny' knickers." [ via Keira Web/The Independent]
How did Fergie spend her 31st birthday?

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