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More Huff about Clooney

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(Arianna and George)

Now producer Jane Hamsher has blogged on The Huffington Post that things went down just the way Arianna Huffington said when she spoke with George Clooney about blogging.

"John Amato and I were there with Arianna on the night in question when she spoke to George Clooney about blogging, and the conversation went down as she describes it today. Clooney went on a very funny rant about Bill O'Reilly and seemed to be quite interested in blogging, and Arianna said she'd hook him up. I don't know if Clooney got spooked because Fox..."

Oh and Jane writes further about this incident on her own blog here. I hope that she isn't interested in working with Clooney.


Clooney in a Huff


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