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--The latest actress who had to gain weight for a role is Salma Hayek for Ask the Dust. She felt real trepidation about doing a love scene with Colin Farrell weighing roughly the same as an average American woman. Thankfully Colin only gazed into her eyes during the scene so she didn’t have to feel like a fat cow. [Digital Spy]

--Omigod!! Former season 2 Apprentice wannabe Raj Bhakta is running for Congress. I wonder if Donald Trump seeded his campaign? Or maybe he sold his collection of bow ties on Ebay. [TMZ]

--Hilary Duff is a classy pop princess and not a public love life bulimic like Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, she just dates an ex-alcoholic heavily tattooed musician who she’s always photographed with and chatting about in the press. "They don't accept me as his girlfriend because he [Joel Madden] doesn't look as perfect as I do - but I don't really care." Hmm...that sounds really bitchy, Hil. [Female First]

--The newest Bachelor couple is splitsville--like we care. But Dr. Travis Stork and Sarah Stone will always have Paris. Really? I would never show my face there again if I were they. [CBS]

--Gorgeous Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs are also splitsville, but we actually care. Guys everywhere are thankful. [Page Six]

--Kylie Minogue is going to write a children's book based on her rise to fame, and it already has a title: The Showgirl Princess. Hmm...that sounds kind of queenish to me. [Digital Spy]

--Bobby Brown was arrested again for past motor vehicle violations when police spotted him at his daughter’s cheerleading tournament. How fucked up is his daughter going to be? I’m very scared. [Vibe]

--Supposedly Kelly Osbourne is going to be in a comedy with music at some point. Don't they call those films musicals? Oh, and she'll dye her hair black for the part. Maybe she'll win an Oscar someday. [The Sun]

--Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon is producing and co-starring in Penelope with Christina Ricci. She'll be playing a character who delivers pizza. I'm glad that winning an Oscar hasn't gone to her head. [Ananova]

--FYI: DK and I love the gayest show on TV--according to Dan Renzi-- Project Runway and we're proud of it. [Dan Renzi]


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