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This Hollywood Mama Diet Sucks

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Hollywood , Rant

In last week's Us magazine, Michelle Williams attributed her post-pregnancy weight loss to "the breast-feeding." I've never been pregnant and am not a doctor, but I would guess that most non-Hollywood moms aren't turning into a size 4 overnight from breast-feeding. I hate when Hollywood actresses start saying BS like that. I was going to label this as stupid-shit-that-young-actresses say, but then I remembered that Thandie Newton who is not in her '20s and has a few kids said something similar recently.

Thandie was quoted in The Mirror a couple of weeks ago saying that no one ever accuses her of being too slim because “I keep getting pregnant.”

“So one day I’m slim and the next I have a bump. In the last two years my body has changed so much and breast feeding really helps you to lose weight as well.”

“I think the Hollywood size four is a bad thing. I don’t stick to any diets. I eat when I’m hungry. Thankfully I have my mother’s frame and I’ve always been slim.

Contact Music also has this quote:
"I've just stopped breast-feeding my one-year-old son Nico, because I was just getting way too skinny. I really need to bulk up - I can't bear to be so thin."

Thandie is another adorable actress who needs to STFU. She's also just another anorexic actress trying to cover up her eating disorder with a ridiculous excuse. Why can't actresses just admit that there's a tremendous amount of pressure to be thin in Hollywood and that they don't eat much.


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Breastfeeding does help you lose weight quickly. I lost the 40 plus pounds I gained with my son in 3 months, and I was eating a lot. I burns upwards of 500 calories a day, so if you're working out on top of that you're going to be thin.

I don't know what their personal deal is, but my very healthy sister in law, who was always a bit overweight, has the best body ever since she gave birth and started breastfeeding. She seriously puts us all to shame. And God knows she's not starving herself.

uh, burning 500 calories a day isn't much.

the average person burns 2000 calories a day without working out. that's why the average serving size is based on a 2000 calorie diet.

i'm with you tiffany. unless you have alot of milk weight the baby is sucking out, then breastfeeding will do nothing.

it is likely that the extra exercise (running around taking care of baby!) post birth compared to the last few months pre-birth could take off a few pounds, and the causal relationship between extra exercise, weight loss, and breastfeeding seems like the breastfeeding is doing something, but causation is not correlation.

I think it depends on the situation. With my daughter I was still a fat cow a year later, and with the twins I lost all the weight, plus another ten pounds, in two weeks.

I was thin before I got pregnant, as are most Hollywood actresses. I gained about 20lbs during the entire pregancy- eating plenty the whole way and had a healthy baby boy. Once I had my son I breastfed for a year and lost way too much weight. I was under 100lbs and couldn't get over how much I ate yet still was too thin. I think breastfeeding can help you drop pregnancy pounds quickly I am one of those "regular" people that experienced the same thing.

I had my flat belly back day of delivery, my weight back after a couple of weeks. I wasn't even breastfeeding. My son died. I think it just depends on the body type. The lucky ones lose it - the ones who ate too many Cheetos don't.

from my own personal experience, i can see where they are coming from. i'm 10 lbs lighter than i was before i got pregnant and i think breastfeeding had a lot to do with it. at one point i was 25 lbs lighter but then my baby weaned herself and cut off the weight loss for me. your metabolism is rocking while you breastfeed and if you eat right and don't use it as an excuse to gorge yourself, the weight will come off. this happened to both of my sisters too.

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