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Postcard from Cannes - Part One

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Nicole Richie , Travel

[Breakfast - Croissant with Nutella spread, Cafe Au Lait]

DK had told me that I wouldn't run into many stars in Cannes, but at the panel on Film Finance that I attended, Faye Dunaway was sitting a few seats away from me. That had to be one of my top 5 star sightings. She was dressed all in white, had long blonde hair extensions and huge fake lips and veneers. The rest of her face didn't look too scary but I was mesmerized by her signature cheekbones and blue eyes. The panel was like every other panel I've ever been too -- completely boring. While the producer and director wannabees were asking questions at the end, I stared at Faye.

To be honest, my priorities in Cannes are eating, drinking, tanning and shopping. So think of how annoyed I was to be exposed to a Rachel Zoe sighting. She's the celebrity fashion stylist du jour, in case you didn't know. Zoe was wearing a pair of those Granny glasses that she's so fond of buying for her anorexic sister/client Nicole Richie. She was also wearing a silk, Kelly green mumu with gold circles. I'm sure it was designer, but it was hideous. That Rachel Zoe needs to stop tanning because her face is crazy leathery looking. Zoe has clearly not eaten for years and that plus too much tanning makes her look like one of those badly aging sixty year old socialites. I almost got a picture of her as she was walking onto the patio of the Martinez, but spared you, dear readers.

Speaking of the Martinez, the best hotels for schmoozing and cocktailing are the Martinez, the Majestic, the Carlton Terrace and the Grand. I've been having wine with meals, bellinis and champagne as cocktails and Baileys and cream late night. The drink prices are equivalent to the posh hotels on Sunset or by the beach in Santa Monica. There's no point going to the Cannes Film Festival unless you know people who are going to buy you drinks and dinners.

All the stars stay at the Hotel Du Cap, which is about thirty minutes from Cannes. I haven't been there yet but it's supposed to be ultra posh with insane security. The big premieres at Cannes this year were The Da Vinci Code, Babel and X-Men 3. I was able to watch the stars line up last night from an apartment overlooking the Palais. Quite a few fans hang out on the sidelines all day waiting for star sightings (such as Paris Hilton, who just came to town) and the evening premieres.

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