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Why I Hate Haylie Duff

Part of: Rant , Television
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OK. I've never met Haylie Duff, so she could be the nicest person in the world. I'm just sick of seeing her in pictures with her more famous little sis, Hilary. For the longest time, I've been wondering who Haylie is and thought that it was totally bizarre that Hilary's 30-year-old sister was always trotting off to the latest party with her 19-year-old sis. Then I looked Haylie up on and realized that she is merely two years older than Hilary. But at 21, Haylie has already graced the cover of Maxim! Sorry, I missed that issue. She's also done a lot of guest starlet appearances on TV shows and was on 7th Heaven for a year, but I so do not watch that show. Haylie's recently been in some movies that I haven't heard of where she obviously played "the friend" role. It must really suck to be way less attractive than your younger sister. It's all mostly because of her nose, too. I wonder if Hilary got a nose job? Probably. Now the Duff sisters are playing sisters in a movie together. Don't trip over yourself trying to buy an advanced ticket. BTW, why is Hilary trying to bring back stirrup pants by wearing her leggings tucked into her shoes? It's tragic.

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