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Nicole Loses 5 Pounds Crying

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Food , Gossip , Nicole Richie

[Breakfast: raspberries and whippped cream]

As Nicole Richie and a friend exited the Planet Blue boutique in Malibu, California, a photographer yelled out to her, “Nicole, you look disgusting. Gain some f—king weight!”

"You don’t scream at people that they are overweight, so what makes people think that they have the right to scream at me that I am underweight? It’s upsetting and mean," Nicole tells Us.

"I am not anorexic. At the moment, I was just sick of everyone constantly bothering me about how I look. I walked up to the photographer and told him, ‘What if I really had anorexia? What if I had a disease? How would you feel about saying such horrible things?’ He probably just wanted to get a rise out of me, but I’m a human being and he hurt my feelings."

Yeah, come on meanies. Nicole isn't anorexic or diseased, she's just naturally thin. Nicole was even caught...

...eating pizza the other day!

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