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Natalie Portman Goes Golighly

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Even Natalie Portman was concerned about fitting into Givenchy's iconic "Breakfast at Tiffany's" dress. The dress is most likely equivalent to a size 0:

“I did feel very elegant suddenly. I mean, you can’t possibly measure up to Audrey Hepburn; there’s no comparison. But the elegance that she exuded was transmitted to the dress, you know, the feeling, the emotion of it… I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to fit. Everyone kept telling me how small it was, and I’m not the type who can starve myself. I’m small, but it’s not like I’m see-through.”

Right. Natalie so starved herself before that photo shoot. The pictures come out in the November 2006 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

P.S. One of Audrey Hepburn's biographers has told BAT that Ms. Hepburn was definitley not anorexic. She was naturally small.

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