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Writers Striking and/or Writing

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The party ended up being too intimate to write about. But something funny happened today. I went to my favorite local coffee store and there was a writers’ picket sign on the wall. Of course, I already figured out it was Paul Haggis’ because DK had just told me the other night how they were supposed to start shooting the new Bond film soon, but Paul Haggis wasn’t done writing the script. When DK told me that Paul got paid 5 million dollars to write the script I quipped, “Well, he should already be done with it!” I’m sure it’s really complicated and all, but he knew the strike was coming. So, I didn’t confirm that he was or wasn’t writing during the strike, but I did confirm that it was his sign as he has been writing the Bond script there for months now. DK and I were debating whether writers like Paul Haggis should be finishing off scripts that they had already started. Technically, all the writers were supposed to turn in what they were working on to the WGA, but they don’t want to do that. Artists are so damn temperamental.


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I wish we knew what the writer's strike is about, because their picket signs are all blank..
Johnny Carson.

thats all we get?

They should be required to finish the scripts they started. I work in escrow and a deal is a deal. You strike it, you finish it, or pay the consequences.

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