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Britney's Publicity Obsession

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Oh, Britney. Wearing a engagement ring for publicity is so last year. People who are famous for not doing much like Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton usually pulll those antics. And sorting through pregancy tests...that's really cliche. You could just be fucking with the paps because you're sick of them falling you around every time you have to run out and get tampons, but why not do something fun with your time and money like going anywhere in the world for six months with your new lover? That would be a lot more fun. It's not like you're going to have visitation rights of Sean and Jayden anytime soon. I'm sure that you're even sick of yourself now. Make the world your oyster, but don't go anywhere without your meds!

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All I have to say is haha, go Britney. Make a mockery of it, Brit, they make one of you.

Her publicity ploys are getting so tiresome. I must agree with you. Yet you know she'll do her "I'm Scared" crap again to try to get sympathy and some person will fall for it

What a shame she won't make any real effort to clean herself up and learn how to properly raise her children and find her self worthy as a good mother. Slam the children gone with jesting is her brave rebellious remedy. Oh my kids are gone? My, what shall I do? Cry? Act crazy? Forget them for now? Eat, shop and sleep, date when I want. Yes, let's play games for the cameramen Andan. I got me a handsome date and I want everyone to be happy.

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