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Gossip for MLK Day

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[Breakfast: TBA]


Happy MLK Day! Since Martin Luther King Jr. was such an inspiration and continues to inspire, how could I not bring you a piece of inspired gossip today? True, I didn't get this gossip from one of my sources, but it was juicy enough to print.

A costume assistant was sitting at the next table by DK and me in an Indian restaurant the other night. She was tres loud and pretentious--the lower people are in the Hollywood totem, the more they talk the talk and act like they know everyone. Well, she was talking about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and mentioned that Katie is pregnant again! You know how I feel about the constant pregnancy rumors about every actress, but I had to share this one.

What do you this fact or gossip?

I have no idea if it's true--I was reading a quote by Katie Holmes saying that she was planning on having another child but not in the near future. Hmm...


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I'd say...its a definite maybe.

Katie probably won't have to be pregnant again until Tom delivers her a blockbuster movie.

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