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Why Comme Ca Sucks for Brunch

Part of: Brunch With Tiffany , Food , Hollywood , LA , Rant , Slice of Life

[Breakfast: Sour cream coffee cake and green tea]


Comme Ca translates to “as is” in French which isn’t the most compelling name for a restaurant. Turns out it wasn’t the most compelling restaurant to eat at either. Always on the lookout for a new brunch spot, DK was game to try a new place close to our hood. I had read good things about the restaurant’s lunch and dinner so I figured that the brunch had to be decent. True, it was only the 4th weekend since they started their brunch service, but it was David Myers’ (of Sona’s fame) restaurant. How much could it suck? It turned out being one of my worse dining experiences ever in L.A. besides Abode in Santa Monica.

It takes a lot for DK and me to walk out of a restaurant---who wants to do that when you’re starving and have already waited for over an hour for your breakfast? Well, worse than waiting an hour for food is waiting an hour for inedible food. My eggs benedict with salmon didn’t even look appealing, but I didn’t want to judge them by their appearance. The eggs didn’t taste fresh and the hollandaise sauce was bland. Moreover, I couldn’t cut through my eggs benedict because the English muffin was rock hard. There are a lot of average eggs benedict out there, but this one was atrocious.

I know that brunch service can’t be fun for waiters, but it’s not exactly the time for a green waiter to start out especially in a crowded upscale restaurant. After placing our order, it took at least 10 minutes for my latte to arrive and another 5 minutes for the manager to arrive with a replacement champagne. Apparently, there were some extreme drinkers in the night before (not a private party or large group of patrons) that emptied out the bar of a lot of things including the brunch champagne. Usually at a restaurant they would bring a wine upgrade in a timely manner, but not at Comme Ca. These were annoying things, but nothing to freak out about. When waiting for food became a joke, and we didn’t get any answers from our waiter except that it was going to eventually come, we started getting annoyed. I had already asked for a refill of my coffee that hadn’t come. DK asked if we could possibly get our champagne topped off—better drunk and hungry. The waiter complied and in the meantime the manager had come over and then disappeared into the kitchen for over 10 minutes—wtf?

DK and I offered to pay for our champagne before we left, but the manager wouldn’t let us. Then he asked us what he could do for us. Since he couldn’t perform a miracle—getting us amazing food made by a different kitchen staff, we left. I hate when the managers say that. I would’ve liked to have taken my champagne refill with us, but it wasn’t Vegas. I guess I could’ve asked for a bottle—DK and I have already learned not to ask for our food re-cooked or another menu option. Trust us, just walk out the door and never look back.

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How disappointing. I really wanted to try this place.

Check out Little Next Door on Third Street. Trés delicious.

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