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Dear Readers

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[Breakfast: Fage yogurt with 1/2 fuji apple, sliced raw almonds and some raw oats. White tea]

Sorry that posting has been infrequent lately. I’m working on a project and trying to move. I will be writing about the Toronto Film Festival in September again. I know you can’t wait. Meanwhile, I will be posting before then. I still have a cool giveaway that I will do sometime this week.

Coldplay Concert Review

I saw Coldplay live a week ago today for the first time and it was very blah. The band clearly could not be bothered to rehearse before the tour and phoned in their performance. Chris Martin’s voice was not so great, the visuals of the show were blah, the band did not have enough presence for a venue as large as the Forum and they did not seem to care that they were doing a very half-assed performance. I’m sure that a lot of people didn’t notice and I wondered for a minute if I was being too harsh of a judge since I used to work in the music industry and have seen so many live shows, but with live music you can really tell if a band is performing at its best capacity. The sound sucked as well. DK likes Coldplay more than I do and had wanted to see them live forever. I didn’t want to ruin his time and didn’t even say anything negative about their performance until he did. With the way the economy is going, it’s much harder for people to find extra money for things like concerts. It offended me that Coldplay didn’t take their performance seriously and didn’t seem to care when they messed up chocking it up to the first night of the tour. Chris Martin even let his vocally challenged drummer sing a whole song. WTF? I’ve really lost respect for them. If they’re not going to bring it for a tour, they should just stay at home and enjoy all their millions. Hopefully, they will be better rehearsed and more energetic for the rest of their tour. Just beware.


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Hmmm...I'm seeing Coldplay in Phoenix right before turkey-day. It's their last US stop on the tour, so I'm sure they'll have enough practice, but I hope they're not overly tired of putting on shows by that time. Love their stuff, but like you said, if you've seen enough shows you know when it's a bad show. I caught an off-show from U2 a few years back as well. They had always been great before but this time - timing, energy everything just down. Hate when that happens. Glad to see you back!

I too have heard that they are disappointing in shows, forgetting their lines, etc. It's too much money (and time) wasted to go to a show that sucks.

You got them at peak performance.. Most the time they aren't sober enough to remember they have a paying audience and go into rehearsal mode.

I can't wait to hear your Toronto Film Festival reports. Any chance you will be at the "Dean Spanley" premiere @ TIFF starring Peter O'Toole, Sam Neill & Jeremy Northam on Sept 6th?

Hi Michelle,

I don't have any associations with that film, so I won't be at the premiere. If you're at the festival, drop me an e-mail.

Hi Tiffany,

Sadly, I won't be at Toronto's festival, but I will be at New York's FF in a few weeks. (It won't be nearly as glam or fun as Toronto)
By chance, were you at Guy Ritchie's "RocknRolla" premiere & afterparty last night? I heard it was fierce!
Looking forward to your keen & witty observations! Report back as soon as you can! Hope you have tons of fun while you're there.

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