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Breakfast at Joan's on Third

Part of: Brunch With Tiffany , LA

I am totally crushed out on breakfast at Joan’s on Third. They even serve breakfast until 12 pm during the week. Had I known that Joan’s on Third made the perfect omelette, I wouldn’t have had to go crazy over the one I had in Paris. Joan used to own an omelette restaurant in New York City. I forgot that I even liked sour cream with my eggs until I had my first omelette at Joan’s with crisp asparagus and goat cheese with the lovely sour cream on the side. An old roommate of mine from my NYC days had introduced me to eating sour cream with my scrambled eggs at a diner we frequented in the East Village around Houston and 1st or Avenue A. Of course, the eggs were perfectly cooked—it was all about the texture of the sour cream and eggs scrambled soft.

I can usually easily pass up a breakfast sandwich—the best I’ve found are homemade. I have on occasion missed my bagel breakfast sandwiches that I would grab before work in NYC. They were part of my breakfast ritual that made work more bearable. I rarely eat regular bacon---favoring the turkey version that’s healthier and more appealing somehow. But the bacon in Joan’s breakfast sandwich is perfectly crisped and tastes divine. The sourdough toast, eggs, and cheese are fresh and satisfying. It’s the sandwich you’d make at home if you had time, but restaurants have such a hard time duplicating.

There are other breakfast offerings like chocolate French toast and buttermilk pancakes that I would try if I were in the mood for something sweet. I had a morning roll from their baked goods section the other day that was like a mini-cinnamon roll without the sickly sweet frosting. I’ve fallen hard for breakfast at Joan’s on Third. I also have a feeling it will be a good breakfast alternative to Toast’s unbearable lines on the weekend. Oh, and this is one of young Hollywood's favorite lunch spots .

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