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Kumaara Giveaway

Part of: Sparkly

[Breakfast: leftover salmon Benedict from Square One. Iced green tea]


I was excited to try a skincare line that uses some organic ingredients that I haven't seen in other lines. Kumaara incorporates trendy organic antioxidants (goji, Indian gooseberry, bearberry and acai) -- that improves skin's density, and elasticity. I haven’t tried out the night cream or eye creams long enough to see if they make a real impact, but I am really liking their Daily Antioxidant Protection with SPF 15 (though I wish the SPF was higher) and their Luminescent Primer. The primer is great to put on if you don’t want to wear makeup but want a glow, or of course under makeup. Up until now I really wasn’t a fan of primers. This one is subtle and my sensitive skin reacts well to both of these products. The only problem is that I'm almost out of them. The coolest thing is that the first 5 Breakfast at Tiffany’s readers to leave comments will win both of these products.

Prices of this line range from 29.95-59.95 and can be bought here .


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Wow...I hadn't heard of Kumaara before, but it sounds like a cool line!

I LOVE trying new things and trying new things for free is even better!!!!!!!!!

whooo hooo...can't wait to try it out.

Yay for skincare lines that are sensitive-skin-friendly!

I love organic! Can't wait to give it a try.

I compulsively try new products. I am still looking for the perfect moisturizer - not too heavy, not too oily...

If it's good for sensitive skin, then this is definitely a primer I need to look out for.

I've been looking for a good eye cream - this one sounds great!

Ooo I'd love to try this out, I've never actually used a makeup primer but I've always wanted to!

I am always looking for new face products- especially eye creams to reduce wrinkles!

I would love to try Kumaara, I never heard of it before, it sound great.

I would love to try Kumaara.

Would love to win this product! Thanks!

Would love to try it!

Sounds great! I have sensitive skin too, so it's good to hear that this works well on Tiffany's skin.

I haven't heard of the line before. Sounds great.

I can't wait to try it!! Anything new is fun and free is even better!!

I really enjoy reading about what you have for breakfast,in addition to the cute stuff you have in your postings. It makes my day go faster. Thanks!

how does the primer dry? i hate it when it's a bite cakey!

how does the primer dry? i hate it when it's a bit cakey!

I would love to try the primer!

I've never seen these products, and I'm a product junkie. I love that they're organic.

Sounds like a great line! Thanks....

I just tried primer a few months ago, I do like it for casual days!

I'd love to try something new... thanks!!!!!!!!!!

oooh i need a new SPF cream! i have sensitive skin too!

Sounds awesome! I've been looking for a new product with SPF.

How generous of you, Tiffany. Count me in! And thanks!

I have the sensitive skin as well and would love to try a new product that works with it!

Here is a sensitive skin who doesn't like primers either, I am curious, it sounds good.

I have sensitive skin too and have trouble finding good products. I can't wait to try it!

It is so hard to find products that react well with sensitive skin! Thank you!

Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to try! Love this site.

I have sensitive skin and have been looking for a good line to use. Can't wait to try.

My skin needs a new product.

Oooh, I've never met a swanky skincare line I didn't want to try. Thank you!

Love your blog!

ooh how exciting. . .where can u get it?

Sounds like an awesome product...

PS..Love the blog!

my skin just hit the age where I need to start thinking about thing like skin elasticity! Sounds like a great product for that.

You are robbing the natives of free healthy food.. so you can pamper your face and skin?

I recently heard some wondeful things about Kumaara and can't wait to find out for myself!!

you're back! so glad to see you're posting again! is this contest still going? i would love to try these products!

oooohhh the primer sounds awesome!

I also have sensitive skin -- these sound great.

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