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Best Bridesmaid, Ruffle, '80s Glam, Retro, Icecapades, Cocktail, & Pregnant Fashionistas Du Jour

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I was ready to do a regular fashionista du jour post of all the gorgeous SAG dresses, but then I realized that there weren't any. Diane Lane wore the best bridesmaid dress that also hit on the pregnancy look. Desperate Housewives, Nicolette Sheridan wasn't bogged down by too many ruffles like other actresses, She hit the botox and collagen a bit too hard, though. I like Christina Applegate. She's one of the few actresses that I'd want to have lunch with because she seems down to earth. I do think that Bob Mackey wants all of his dresses back, but Christina pulled off 80's glam without looking grossly over the top.

Sag-retro1.jpg sag-icecapades1.jpg

Keisha Whitaker isn't even an actress, but she is Forrest Whitaker's gorgeous wife. Not many people can pull off pastels well--which stylists should be advising their clients. Keisha pulled off a Pepto Bismal pink dress that verged on being too retro. A lot of dresses seemed like cheesy thrift store dresses instead of timeless vintage gowns. Debra Messing wore a dress that fit well and was flattering. It's too bad that is was so Icecapades, but it was good Icecapades. Carla Gugino is always sexy. Her dress doesn't quite do it for me, though I like its color and it would make a decent pregnancy dress. If only a quite pregnant Cate Blanchett had worn it instead of her hideous dress.

sag-cocktail1.jpg sag-pregnant1.jpg

Michelle Pheiffer could wear a paper bag and look beautiful. I would have liked to have seen her a little more glam, but her simple cocktail dress is better than fellow thespians Ellen Paige and Julie Christie. She should have lost the matching heels--so bridesmaid.


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