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BAT in Cannes -- Part Deux

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I’m feeling yucky today. Jet lag has not been my friend on this trip as it keeps going and going. Admittedly, I’ve spent a couple of days drinking steadily. I usually have the buffet breakfast at our hotel because they have a lovely patio that overlooks the Croissete. I saw Tim Robbins yesterday and Nick Nolte today weaving unsteadily through the crowd. My breakfast (petite dejeneur) consists of a combination of lox, cucumber, pain u chocolat, brioche and croissants. When in France…

I am a bit partied out right now. The weather has been so-so—I haven’t been able to lie out in the sun. Two years ago, it was really hot every day, so I assumed it was like that every year. Not so. It’s mostly overcast and it’s rained a few times. At least the sun has been out a little bit. I finally saw a movie yesterday, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I used to love Woody Allen, but his movies have sucked for a long time. I only saw the movie because Roger Friedman gave it a very good review. I don’t know what drugs he was on when he was watching it. The first act is almost all voice-over—yawn. At least Javier Bardem made for some nice eye candy. I was in line for a little bit over an hour and barely got a seat in the 400 seat theatre. France loves Woody Allen.

The Toronto Film Festival is still my favorite festival for watching movies. I’m going to try to get in to see Atom Egoyan’s new film tomorrow that’s in the competition, Adoration. It seems like it might be like one of his older movies—less commercial and with a theme that I find interesting —about a kid who reinvents his life on the internet. I’m not going to wait in line for more than an hour and the theater only holds 68 people, so we shall see. I also might try to get a ticket for Clint Eastwood’s movie, The Changeling. Is that even a real word? Yes.

The best thing about the parties here is that they give you a glass of champagne when you walk in the door or board a yacht. Yacht parties and swank lunches on yachts rock…seriously. OMG, I almost forgot to tell you the Mike Tyson story. He is staying on our floor and somehow got locked out of his room and was wandering around our floor saying, “I can’t find my room!” But he knew his room number. It’s not like we’re in one of those hotel mazes in Vegas—there aren’t a lot of rooms here and they’re clearly marked. LOL.

I’m off to the Hotel Du Cap again tonight, and yes I’ll have a couple of Bellini’s for you. Oh, I have a sweet makeup giveaway coming up, so check back. TBC...


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